SSAA Practical Shooting SA

Practical Shooting is fast, fun and exhilarating which is why it’s one of the fastest growing shooting sports in the world. Practical Shooting is where the competitors are trying to unite the three principles of precision, positions and speed to score as many points as possible during the given amount of time. 

The courses are called "stages", and are shot individually by the shooters who must move and shoot from several positions, fire under or over obstacles and in other unfamiliar situations. There are no standard exercises or set arrangement of the steel targets, and the courses are designed so that the shooter must be inventive, and therefore the solutions of challenges frequently varies between shooters.

We operate under the SSAA Practical Shooting Rule Book, with various modifications to suit the local range. We have a calibre limit of 8mm (.323) and a muzzle velocity limit on our steel targets of 3200fps. 

Location: 52 Rifle Road, Monarto South SA 5254

Practical Shoots: First weekend of the month. Rimfire & Centrefire.



Phone: Rusty (President) 0409 305 360

Precision Rifle Series Australia

Precision Rifle is a dynamic discipline, challenging the shooter in many facets. This may include positional shooting off unusual and improvised rests and barricades, long range engagements, movement between firing positions, all on a time limit. The objective is not only to test a shooter's marksmanship, but to also challenge their ability to problem solve, improvise, and adapt to varying and changing situations.

The Precision Rifle Series is the next evolution of the sport in Australia. We have received a great response from competitors already shooting this discipline, and believe that we can grow it exponentially as we seek industry partners who share our vision and goals.

A direct connection to the US series, as well as several other countries has laid the ground work for an international series.

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Australian Precision Service Rifle Series

The Australian Precision Service Rifle Series is an exciting teamed precision rifle match originating out of Canberra 6 years ago expanding to NSW and Victoria.

These matches offer competitors the chance to challenge themselves and their equipment through a variety of dynamic shooting conditions and positions. The emphasis is on practical precision and problem solving through a series of timed applications under varying time pressures.

Shot in details consisting of shooting pairs, competitors work togetheras a team to help each other out with wind calls, fall of shot, managing gear and any other problems that present themselves throughout the match, with teamwork being a key principle.

Location: VIC - Castlemaine Rifle Club NSW - Hornsby RSL Rifle Club & Coffs Harbour Rifle Club ACT - Canberra Rifle Club TAS - Campbell Town Rifle Club

Practical Shoots: Check out the Calendar for dates.


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Darling Downs Rifle Club

Darling Downs Rifle Club, just out of Dalby, run monthly matches on the first Saturday of the month. 

Location: Mt Pleasant Rifle Range, Dalby-Nungil Road, Irvingdale QLD

Practical Shoots: First weekend of the month. Rimfire & Centrefire.



SSAA Silverdale

SSAA Silverdale run monthly Rimfire matches not far out of Sydney. 

Location: Avoca Road, Silverdale NSW

Practical Shoots: First Saturday of the month. Rimfire.


Practical Rimfire Challenge

A series of practical rimfire rifle shoots.

Events are hosted around South Australia by various clubs. Check the Calendar for dates.


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