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OA: Long Range Shooting Course (ACT)

Our Long Range Shooting training will get you well and truly on your way to reaching your long range goals. During the training we discuss and explain internal and external ballistics along with how the environmental conditions, including wind, are going to affect your projectile all the way out to your target.  After training you’ll leave with a confidence in yourself and your kit that will have you knocking over targets at distance.

Topics covered: 

- Internal & External Ballistics 

- Rifle scopes & reticle patterns (including yours) 

- Precision Shooting Fundamentals 

- Rifle set-up, grouping & zeroing 

-  Ballistic software & ballistic software calibration 

- Wind reading & calls 

- And all the practical shooting required to learn and cement all the theory

With Long Range Shooting training packages from 2 to 4 days in duration we have the course to meet you requirements, skill level and time frame. 

If distance is what you desire this is the Long Range Shooting training course for you. This training requires a higher level rifle, scope and ammunition package (contact us to discuss this further). As we reach out further, ballistic software is your greatest ally - we prefer Applied Ballistics or Field Firing Solutions, as these will save you both time and money (and reloading time).Contact us to discuss your best options so we can personalise to your needs.

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Later Event: 10 February
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