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PSP Ep48: Getting into Precision Rifle with Butters

Butters from NTPR joined the lads for a chat about their series and big Challenge shoot in August. They also tackled a listener question and discussed the topic of what you need to get started in PRS shooting. Big thanks to Projectile Warehouse for supporting the show.

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PSP Ep35: NTPR Finale Wrap Up
Rusty caught up with Butters from NT Practical Rifle about their recent finale. The winner, Andy, also joined in the conversation. Check out Andy's blog here: Thanks to Impact Dynamics for sponsoring this episode.
PSP Ep24: Butters And Bear
Butters and Bear from Practical Rifle Northern Territory are undertaking an epic road trip around Australia. While they were in Adelaide, Rusty headed out with them to Impact Dynamics and spent a day shooting. While there they setup the podcast gear around the fire and had a chat. Check it out.
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