Impact Dynamics is the passion project of Rusty. Originally started as a shooting training school, under the brand Southern Shooters in 2014, the name changed to Impact Dynamics in 2016. Over the 4 years of running, we impacted the shooting ability of over 3500 people, both brand new, and very experienced.

Due to legislation changes, priorities were adjusted, and the training was left to some other legends in the industry (Orange Accuracy, Practical Rifle Training). The focus shifted to helping foster the community and industry around Precision Rifle.

A life long interest in media production lead to the start of a YouTube channel in 2014 and a Podcast in 2015. In recent times these channels have become core focuses with growing audiences around the world. With new projects always on the horizon, make sure you are subscribed.

Since 2017, Rusty has been co-director of the Precision Rifle Series Australia, a franchise of the Precision Rifle Series USA. In 2018, Rusty was part of the team that started the fastest growing firearms club in South Australia, Practical Rifle SA. He continues to serve as President of the club.

Rusty at the 2019 Adelaide Podcast Festival

Rusty at the 2019 Adelaide Podcast Festival




If you have seen any artwork for the PRS, any of our logos, or near on ALL the shooter jerseys at the PRS, you have seen Trent’s handy work. Since meeting Rusty at SHOT Expo in Sydney in 2016, and attending a week long training course, Trent has become a significant part of the community. He has done design work for Scoped Out, Projectile Warehouse, Delta Tactical, PRS, The Long Gun Project and many other gun related companies.

He is no slouch behind a rifle either. Working his way up the Open ladder in the 2019 PRS, Trent’s attention to detail, evident also in his design work, means his reloads are on point, and his rifle is in good condition. He is also the most approachable guy. Ever. You’ll find in hanging out in the Impact Dynamics run Practical Rifle Australia facebook group.



Nikki is a F-Class shooter who got a taste of Precision Rifle, and can’t escape! Heavily involved as a stage officer, as well as competing at club matches, She has become well know in the community.

Nikki runs much of the Impact Dynamics social media activity. This tends to lead to shenanigans, especially at matches or gun shows. Keep up to date on our Instagram Stories, and no doubt you’ll get the low down. Whether you want it or not!